The time is coming again soon. After a 3 year break, Eden Escort will soon again stage fetish escort party weekends with SM in a villa and living buffet for a maximum of 3 guests. In addition, 3 - 5 escort ladies from Munich.

Depending on the wishes of the guests will be submissive and / or dominant companions. The weekend will be staged by an SM and fetish party experienced person.

As a location, either a detached villa somewhere in D A CH or an appropriately equipped location such as the VIP Lounge Elegance is rented.

escort party

The agency clarifies in advance what often long cherished and secret wishes the guests have and then selects the participants. All participating ladies live out their passions as submissive or dominant ladies in the bizarre escort area due to their personal disposition. In daily life, however, you do not see this on them. They study or have a profession, but love their second face in the private environment.

SM in a villa with several fetish escort ladies

One of the last fetish escort parties + living buffet before the pandemic took place in a villa near a spa. The guests arrived and were welcomed by the ladies who had lined up. After a welcome drink and getting to know each other for the first time, everyone went together to the spa next door. In the bubbling water, man(s) and woman(s) quickly got closer and everyone's anticipation for the next day and a half grew.

living buffet
Photo: oneinchpunch/shutterstock172691120

In the meantime, the catering service had stocked the villa with delicacies. The guests took a seat at a table and the ladies served the individual courses and drinks. In the process, the fetish preferences of the ladies already made a full appearance. The dessert buffet was arranged alive (living buffet). Tuned in this way, the host lady took over the choreography and the Bizarre Escort Party took its desired course.

The next day, Saturday, the troupe made a joyful trip to a rustic hut after breakfast brought a very erotic wake up. In the afternoon, everyone was together again in the spa and it was exciting to experience that the surrounding spa visitors do not realize that eroticism can also bring a lot of pleasure in the water.

SM in a villa

The evening was all about SM in a mansion staging second part and all participants once again put a "shovel" on it, because you had already met. After sleeping in the morning, all had once again great desire for intensive contact in the group and around noon was the end of The Fetish Escort Party and the departure on the agenda.

All guests and ladies paid attention to their health and could present a current health certificate. Gentlemen and ladies interested in participating are asked to contact the agency directly. Prerequisites for participation are the ability to work in a team, seriousness, hedonistic attitude to life and discretion.