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The Prostitute Protection Act

Eden Escort Munich explains the Prostitute Protection Act

Prostitution protection law: Prostitution is not called the oldest trade in the world for nothing. Tolerated for decades in Germany as immoral, all those involved in the sex business worked in a legal and social gray area. In 2001, prostitution was finally legalized and became an activity like any other, at least in terms of the legal framework. Still under the black / red government coalition, the Prostitutes Protection Act, or ProstSCHG in officialese, was passed. It came into force on 1.07.2017 and was amended for the last time on 9.03.2021 supplementary. More about this from the responsible Federal Ministry

With the Prostitution Protection Act, the legislator intended to take prostitution a step further out of the gray area and to create a reliable legal framework for all sex workers. Furthermore, the law was intended to curb illegal forms of prostitution such as human trafficking, forced prostitution, tax evasion, etc. The former has been partially successful. The former has been partially successful. The reduction of everything illegal, experts agree, has not worked. For us, as an escort agency in Munich, the bureaucracy has increased significantly. In the matter, there is little difference from before. Prostitute protection law damels: Previously, the escort ladies registered as self-employed at the trade office and that transmitted the data to the responsible tax office. Today, the business registration is omitted, instead the escort ladies register at the KVR, get an ID card after a health consultation and the KVR passes on the information to the tax office.

This makes it much easier for the authorities to identify and monitor all registered sex workers. However, studies assume that by the end of 2021, the approximately 23,700 registered sex workers will be compared with up to 400,000 working in the tanning industry. Thus, professional associations and various politicians criticize that the law has not achieved its actual purpose. Once again, well meant is not well done.

Prostitute Protection Act and Escort Munich

Eden Escort Munich abides by the law

Eden Escort follows the Prostitute Protection Act as well as the Restricted Area Ordinance and offers a lot of support to the escorts who get contacts through the agency. We advise the escorts on how to follow the law and all other regulations to maintain their health. This also protects the guests. In addition, we provide information in legal and tax matters, as far as this is permissible and does not require the involvement of a lawyer and tax advisor. Such specialists, of course, Eden Escort Munich provides the ladies on request.

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