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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What are these escort ladies whose contact you get?

All ladies, who are mediated by Eden Escort contacts, offer escort service only besides a job or studies. They enjoy meeting new people, appreciate neat manners and intensive erotic time.

Do the ladies correspond to the photos on the website?

Without exception yes. There are no fake photos at Eden Escort Munich. In individual cases tattoos are retouched so that the lady is not recognized by people who know her. This serves exclusively the anonymity of the lady.

What are the total costs involved in booking?

In the escort service fees are incurred for the time provided, not for individual services. These are to be seen as non-binding information on our website www.eden-escort.de/honorar. Usually, however, the ladies are guided by this time table, which they have agreed to in conversation with us. In addition, there are expenses for travel costs, which currently amount to 30 euros within the city in which the lady lives. For all other distances we name the travel expenses individually on request. Of course, the guest assumes all expenses for dinners, hotels, green fees, ski tickets, theater tickets, etc..  

How does the payment work?

Please give the lady the total fee discreetly in cash at the beginning of the meeting. If you would like to extend a meeting and the lady agrees, please give the lady the additional amount at the beginning of the extension. In some cases, the ladies expect a deposit. This comes into play with larger travel expenses etc.. This is requested to the account of the agency Eden Escort Munich. The agency has collection authority for the escort ladies.

How much do extra requests cost?

 There are no additional costs for the personal contact. Everything that is mutually agreed upon between the parties is covered by the time fee.

Additional costs for extra wishes can arise, for example, if the lady procures special clothing or toys on request.

What extra requests must be clarified in advance with the lady?

Wishes for bizarre, bi-duos, special clothing, etc. must be clarified in advance via the agency with the lady concerned.

How soon can I get a contact?

There is no time limit. However, since all escort ladies are in professional life or study and have a family environment, the earlier the request arrives, the greater the probability that the desired companion has time.

How quickly will my request be processed?

 As a rule, an incoming request is immediately forwarded to the lady in question. Then it depends on when the lady from Eden Escort has the opportunity to respond. Since all escorts are working or studying, this can sometimes take a few hours. If the lady is e.g. on vacation or for other reasons not available, also our hands are tied. It is also important that the agency is not available at night and if we are not in the office, it is always faster to call us or send a WhatsApp. The cell phone is always

from 10:00 - 21:00 active. +49 (0)172 821 22 23

Do the ladies always have time?

  The answer is already clear from the questions answered above. All escorts on the pages of Eden Escort are working or studying and have a stable social environment.

We forward requests to the lady in question and she decides independently if she has time and desire to meet.

Where can I meet the escort lady?

You can basically meet an escort anywhere in public. However, depending on the city and the applicable restricted area ordinance, so-called private time is only allowed in hotels and private apartments that are located outside the restricted area or in so-called tolerance zones. Eden Escort does not have access to apartments or similar and does not arrange hour hotels.

What organizational tasks does Eden Escort perform?

The agency is a classic marketing platform for escorts who want to get contacts. This aptly outlines the essential tasks of the agency.

On the one hand the creation and support of the internet presence and on the other hand the mutual mediation of requested meetings. Furthermore, the agency ensures the fiscally correct accounting with the escorts, so that the self-employed escorts can properly prepare their income tax.

What data is required from me for a booking?

In principle, the agency does not require any personal data. However, the escorts are suspicious of completely anonymous meetings and at least a cell phone number is expected so that the escort lady can short-circuit with the guest upon arrival. However, experience has shown that a confidential approach to contact information tends to lead to an uncomplicated meeting and all parties feel safe.

Will my data be stored?

The agency Eden Escort Munich does not store any data of the guests beyond a mediated meeting. Except guests who repeatedly contact us, agree to the storage of their phone number and mail. All other data will be deleted or destroyed regularly and at short notice.

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