Attractive and educated escort gentlemen represent a niche as companions for the ladies. Female managers and businesswomen are numerically much less interested in booking an escort than their male counterparts. However, here too there is a demand.

Eden Escort Munich has therefore two gentleman escorts on its website, which meet high standards of personality, education, communication skills and , as is well known, the eye eats with the body.

In most cases, female guests are interested in a temporary companion who acts like a gentleman of the old school. City strolls, visits to exhibitions or concerts occur much more often than gentlemen booking a lady. The accompaniment to dinner is also important. The ladies attach great importance not only to first-class manners in the restaurant but also to being able to talk animatedly. This places high demands on a man as an escort. A relatively high level of education and interest in culture and lifestyle are indispensable.

Active, sexy and courteous. The gentleman for everything.

Often a lady also likes it when the companion takes over the active part. He makes the reservation in the restaurant, orders the cab, holds the door open for the lady, for example, gives her the right of way and also regulates the payment on the spot. Level a gentleman escort on time. In the further course of the evening, it usually becomes more personal. If the mood between the escort and his female guest is good, it also regularly comes to intimate exchanges. Now the sensitivity of the man is required. He must find out the wishes of the lady and put his passion behind him for the time being.

Finally, the lady has booked the gentleman and rightly expects a first-class service also in eroticism. If the passions of both then fit together, so much the better. Then it was a perfect meeting and the lady has a secret smile on her face at the meeting the next day.